With the backlight at its nits maximum, the reading was almost 20 watts, with the backlight at minimum and ECO mode engaged, that dropped to 9 watts or so. In terms of screen real estate, compared to the standard x pixel resolution still used by most rugged notebooks, it’s like getting getting an additional third added on the side. Standard transmissive LCD displays, however, wash out in daylight, and that’s why over the past few years, sunlight-readability has become a major selling point in the rugged notebook sector. There’s an integrated handle to carry the device without the need to carry an attache case as well. Turning backlight up to its very bright maximum increased power draw to about 23 watts, still theoretically good for almost four hours of running time.

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What is clear, though, is that the S feels very sturdy and very trust-inspiring.

Connecting To A Wireless Network – Getac S User Manual [Page 40]

The hard disk caddy see image to the right is tetac remarkably intricate affair consisting of a metal outer housing with different types of padding inside, certainly more than enough to keep the 80GB Intel ssdsa2MG2GC solid state disk in our eval unit safe and sound.

Fast is always good, but in notebooks fast generally also means a bigger battery, more cooling, and that usually means higher weight and cost. That makes the Getac system dual-touch without losing the inherent advantages of resistive touch, i.

Additionally, the red glow reduces eye strain compared to other backlights, reducing fatigue.


Getac S Rugged Laptop Computer – Best Price Available Online – Save Now

It’s made for those whose laptops spend more time on the road and outdoors than on desks, but within reason and not to the extreme. Some manufacturers up the brightness in their rugged products, usually into the nits range.

The inch wide format display pleases with reasonably high resolution x pixel and a semi-matte surface that greatly reduces reflections. The keyboard backlight is an option, and one that we recommend. There are also a number of subsidiary boards. Semi-rugged, in essence, describes a device that’s more durable than your average consumer and even corporate notebook computer, but without going to extremes.

With the backlight at its nits maximum, the reading was about 26 watts, with the backlight at minimum and ECO mode engaged, that dropped to Having that hardware button is also the key to keeping power draw in check: Below you can see the unit from the top and wirelwss four sides: The most noticeable part of the motherboard is its copper thermal management system.

There are no fixes, and everything is properly secured. Processor Model and Core gen. Note that the Core i5 combines the CPU, memory controller and integrated graphics into one package. Instead of using less legible blue for function key combos, Getac used white for wirelesss labels also, but placed them in little white square boxes.

Getac S400 User Manual: Connecting To A Wireless Network

Multi-touch that works with gloves on The S’s high-bright display option also includes a multi-touch screen. Almost all of the unit’s external interface ports are edge-mounted onto the motherboard.


Semi-rugged notebooks are for those whose laptops spend more time outdoors and on the road than on desks. Setting Power Options to High Performance and screen brightness up all the way added just another 2.

The fan does it all.


Now a word about the term “semi-rugged. Combined with software, these certificates can be used to: When you don’t need it anymore, turn it off. It is an attractive, modern and very well executed design that provides Intel Core i3 and i5 power and excellent connectivity to numerous applications where a standard consumer notebook just won’t do.

Turning WiFi on hardly made a 4s00.

The first picture below shows the two machines outdoors on a wintery afternoon. What sets the S apart from a standard notebook is that it’s clearly built to be used outdoors and on the job. Combined with software, these certificates can be used to: Wireles deployment for semi-rugged systems includes utilities, field service, public safety, as well as military applications and vehicle use.

Yet, despite its tough and rugged appearance, the S is a fairly compact machine that weighs only about 7 pounds. Getac S positioning What is the Getac S and who needs it?