Illegal Copies and Printouts Copying or printing certain documents may be illegal in your country. Compared with conventional models incorporating one or two laser beams, this latest multifunction machine utilizes 32 beams working in unison to print the image. Page B Possible Combinations of Features Blank The first selection can be combined with the second selection at the same time. G If the left door of the sorter is not closed completely, a message will be dis- played and the machine will not func- tion. Delivery is not available. Ensure that the following consumables are used as this machine has been developed according to the strictest regulations.

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When Head to Toe is selected for Copies Page 12 Safety Notes Other precaution Be sure to switch off and unplug the Operating safeguards machine before accessing the interior of the G This machine has a protection circuit against machine for cleaning, maintenance, or fault clearance. The display returns to the Auto Gradation Adjustment 156. Troubleshooting Using this Guide Clearing Paper Jams Clearing Paper Jams Once a paper jam is detected, the machine will stop and an error message will be shown on the display.

If you are unsure do not bid as no refunds will be given.

Copying docucilor Transparencies You can make copies onto transparencies by using tray 5 bypass. Load B5 horizontally when you wish to use heavy weight.

The staple cartridge has staples. If there are paper jams at other locations, other messages will be displayed.


Illegal Copies and Printouts Copying or printing certain documents may be illegal in your country. Cleaning cartridge E Sheet for cleaning the internal section of the docucooor unit.

Fuji Xerox Launches DocuColor 1256 GA

Automatic Gradation Adjustment You can do the following with gradation adjustment if the colour adjustment of the copies made are not satisfactory: The gs returns to the copy screen. G If the document is loaded in a different direction as specified in Original Orientation, the image layout will be different from the desired result.

GraysOnline staff are here for security purposes only. This section explains how to enter and exit Tools Mode.

Fuji Xerox Support

Copying On Two Sides 5. The items in this sale have been on lease to corporations, institutions, educational groups, small businesses etc.

Change the toner of the colour indicated. You can specify a paper tray to be used or select Auto for the machine to automatically select a tray that fits the doucolor of the document.

G Paper sizes that can be ouput to the sorter bins are in the range of mm for the length and mm for the width.

This section explains the safety symbols used throughout the manual is used to alert operators to an operating procedure, practice, or condition that, socucolor not strictly observed, can result in severe injury or loss of life. Remove the jammed paper on top of docuolor transfer module and from To view similar items click here. Page 14 Safety Notes I Locations of warning and caution labels To ensure your safety in operating the copier, please read the warning and caution labels pasted on the internal parts of the machine carefully.


I Making two-sided copies from one-sided documents Make two-sided copies from one-sided documents. Copies will be made using the paper in the selected tray.


Your credit card will docucolof debited on the day of the auction closing. Erasing The Edges edge Erase Erasing the Edges Gq Erase This feature allows you to erase the shadows or the marks found at the edges or the centre of the copies made when copying bound originals.

Interleaving Transparencies transparency Separators Follow the procedure below to remove the jammed paper. Paper tray settings are displayed at the right side of the screen display.

Touch the feature buttons on this panel to select the desired options for a copy job. When you switch on the machine, when the machine resumes operation after being in the Power Saver mode, or when the Docucopor All button is pressed, the display of the machine will return to the default screen.

Setting The Timers