When the paper lifting plate is locked, place the paper in the cassette. The fax will switch to automatic reception only when both signals are within the standard range. Check the wiring between connector NO If the connectors are making poor contact, J and the multifeeder pick-up solenoid SL Paper interval bias When performing continuous printing, the bias value is lowered to prevent the toner between the paper adhering to the transfer charging roller. Finally my PC got up to speed!

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Is the cassette set properly? Start signal Paper leading edge sensor PS Delivery sensor jam check 5.

Canon GP160

When 8MB expansion memory has been installed, also checks the expansion memory area. If that does not resolve the problem, replace the pick-up roller. Printer driver are software programs, and their main mission is to convert the data you command from computer to print from to the form that is specific to the mounted printer.

By outputting these test prints, you can conduct a print check with the scanning assembly Operation panel assembly installed. When the test print switch SW on the sensor PCB is pressed, the print patterns shown below are output.

Canon GP160 Drivers for Windows 7 64 bit

Type Relay test key pad. Has the paper been set properly? SW10, 11, 13, 15,27 and are Reserved. Bih The structure of the control panel is displayed in the diagram below. Take special care when servicing inside this labeled cover.


Canon Gp Pcl6 Driver Download

If the feeder unit is installed after the DC controller PCB, there is the possibility that the high-voltage contact pins will become deformed.

Fixing pressure roller cleaning Occasionally, problems such as smudges or blotches appear on the reverse side of the paper due to toner which has adhered to the fixing pressure roller.

Delivery sensor jam check 5. Data in the user data memory management will not be cleared.

Is the trouble resolved when the multifeeder pick-up solenoid SL is replaced? The structure of the main drive unit is depicted below. Not adjustable 5 TYPE: YES Advise the user to use the recommended paper.

Use that compact disc to deploy Canon GP gp16 driver. Then remove the 3 installation screws [2] and remove the drive unit cover [3]. Normal Abnormal Main motor M Figure 5.

GP – Support – Download drivers, software and manuals – Canon Europe

YES Replace the paper. When errors occur frequently due to echo when sending transmissions overseas, set the transmission mode by dial registration or service software switch. Bias switching signal [3] DCWM: Shading correction Even when reflected light from a document with even density is detected by the CCD, the CCD output will not be consistent for the following reasons. Is the trouble resolved when the YES End scanner motor is replaced? This label is on the laser scanning assembly cover inside this unit.


Is the trouble resolved when the laser scanner unit is replaced? When registering the 1-touch dial or coded speed dial transmission mode, set to international transmission 1.

As shown in Figuredo not hold the cartridge vertically or upside down. The CCD drive circuit then synthesizes the separately output odd number and even number pixel signals, and outputs the synthesized signal to the A-D conversion circuit.

The laser beam generated by the laser unit illuminates the 6 sided mirror, which rotates at a fixed speed. For more information regarding the automatic document feeder, please refer to the ADF service manual included in this manual. When the main motor rotates, the connected drive relay gear also begins to rotate.