The ACA rearview camera system consists of two parts: Drivers are glued to increasingly popular and powerful cellphones and gadgets. That’s great if you’re worried about your kids, but it could also be a way to make yourself a more disciplined driver. The monitor is a 2. A Center for Transportation Safety study to gauge whether awareness programs reduce accidents related to distracted driving is in its early stages, researchers say. By submitting, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. The camera communicates with the monitor using a 2.

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Siri on iPhones, for example, can automatically read your text messages aloud, and there are ways to do the same thing on Audovox phones. Her daughter Katrina died on Interstate 35 south of Waco in after another driver, who was texting, rear-ended her car.

Once the wires are routed near the reverse lights, we simply tap the reverse light’s power wires and the installation is complete.

Don’t miss a story. Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted Catherine McCullough is executive director of the Intelligent Car Coalition, which advocates for federal policies that help the automotive and communications industries.

But while technology can prove lethal when used behind the wheel, there auciovox a number of ways gadgets and apps can actually cut down on risky behavior. Flanking the lens are six infrared LEDs.

The camera mounts at the rear of the vehicle and features a degree wide-angle lens. The Bottom Line The Audiovox ACA wireless rearview camera provides an easy way to increase the safety of your vehicle while backing up, if you can deal with the wireless technology’s rough edges. The mobile world might finally get exciting again in Like us on Facebook. Vehicles with reverse lights near the license plate frame offer the easiest installation, while other vehicles–such as our test Chevrolet Aveo, which features a license plate frame on the liftgate and reverse lights on the vehicle body–will distractd the removal of many body panels and complicated routing of the wires.


Visit manufacturer site for details.

However, with the ACA’s simplicity come rough edges in the form of interference from other wireless sources, sometimes with surprising results. Galaxy S9 brings Samsung two steps forward, one step back. Don’t show this again. Audjovox into the accident concluded just last weekhighlighting the dreadful toll that distracted driving can take.

Use your head and keep your hands off the phone, please.

Audiovox ACA wireless rearview camera review: Audiovox ACA wireless rearview camera – CNET

At night or if the backup lights are blown or otherwise inadequate, the infrared LEDs illuminate in a spectrum that is visible to the camera, but invisible to the human eye. States and cities are often restricting their use for drivers behind the wheel, but technology companies and other advocates are confident that new devices can help make the roads safer.

Camera’s easy installation makes it an easy target for theft. Login Forgot your password? Be respectful, keep it civil audikvox stay on topic.

How difficult this is depends on your vehicle’s rear configuration. The more complicated the task, the more distracting it is, the study said, and the more likely to cause an accident.


11 inch monitor with built in DVD player

The camera installation varies in simplicity from vehicle to vehicle, but the steps are essentially the same. Then, it slammed into a second school bus and claimed the lives of a 7-year-old, 6-year-old and a year-old teacher’s aide. Drivers are glued to increasingly popular and powerful cellphones and gadgets.

Texas is one of nine states without a statewide ban on texting while driving. The image is clear, if tiny, and full color, making it easy to discern what or who is directly behind the vehicle.

The unit can either be hardwired to any volt source behind the dashboard, or simply plugged into a volt round plug via the included adapter. It’s primarily a tool that helps parents track where their kids are driving and gives them alerts if the car moves out of a designated area — but it also has the ability to prevent phones from sending and receiving text messages on the road.

The Bad The monitor’s screen is tiny and picks up interference when not in use, which can be distracting while driving at night. Last December, Tennessee school bus driver James Davenport engaged in multiple conversations on his cell phone while he was responsible for getting several small children home.