I looked at the usual online sources for confirmation that my hardware and drivers would work, and on paper as they say, there is no issue with my setup. Login or register to post comments 15 replies [ Last post ]. You say your laptop freezes as soon as you plug the card in, so it’s probably loading the wrong driver immediately. While it sounds stupid, this was what I had to do with my WGv2, to get it do do anything at all in the computer that didn’t seem to like it. Try that, and remove any wireless lan cards you might find. I might have to do some more experimenting and find out how i can get it to run at full speed

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I did see some that appeared to be similar to my situation, ar5212ar5213 no solutions that worked for me. I downloaded the files you said but when i go into device manager to look for the wireless card, i dont see it, i havent been able to even get it to work once cuz it always freezes upon insertion.

Unplugged everything except the cable modem and rebooted. Ask a question and give support. On the internet, I found a few notes about these problems sorry, but I don’t seem to currently find the references to the web pages involved: Bus Device This information is important and can be used to identify the driver that supports the device.


Already have an account? Thanks to Iuvr and it’s post, my wg works again.

Get rid of that, and you might make some progress. Do you already have an account? Join thousands of tech enthusiasts and participate.

CentOS 7 Does Not Pick Up My Atheros Wireless

First of all, completely uninstall any ar5212/ar5231 drivers you may have tried for your card. The result of all this is I have a lot of respect for the company or somebody within for taking action and fixing the problem. I experienced the same exact freezing problem that Luvr documented so well in his original post.

This wifi works just fine.

LW Atheros chipset and drivers from Sweex are absolutely not the ones as in this post, but I had to do something desperation So does an ethernet cable. Thank you, Luvr atherow taking the time to write up your findings. What does the command ‘iwconfig wifi0’ and ‘iwconfig’ return as Output? Browse to the folder you unpacked the driver to, and select the.

I posted for help in a number of forums and all folks could tell me was that Atheros was garbage. When wicd was installed, and selecting “none” in one of the preferences don’t remember which one, it was at the topa connection was established between the Atheros card and my router and showed in the menu bar, but a web page would not load. Anyway, thanks millions for posting this here ages ago.


Getting Atheros AR5212 Wireless Cards to Work with Windows XP

I see the USB’s you offer can be purchased with extended support; will probably buy that too after going through this! Please show us the output from:. While it sounds stupid, this was what I had to do with my WGv2, to get it do do anything at all in the computer that didn’t seem to like it. One hand into the other. Proprietary approaches make ar212/ar5213 efforts hopeless.

These drivers have been pushed into the mainline kernel and things have tended to work very well for a very long time. Looking at some bug reports I was amazed at how torturous bad code can be to hardware.

Atheros 802.11a/bg PCI/PCI-E devices (ath5k)

If so, how do I get Windows to not reinstall it after boot up? I had to enter the password for my router, but that was atherps. I was frustrated and had my children bugging me after so many hours cant blame them. Also, I will try the new kernel. So much to be amazed by around here.